Battle of the Bears Playday is a Success!

Battle of the Bears Playday is a Success!

On Sunday April 17th the Colorado Bears Field Hockey Club hosted the Boulder Bears and Denver Bears at the East Boulder Community Center, in Boulder, CO for the 2023 Battle of the Bears Playday!

To celebrate the success of our two training sites, the Colorado Bears hosts an honorary Battle of the Bears Playday during each youth season: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Boulder Brown Bears celebrate after scoring a goal!

This year, the Bears welcomed 76 athletes split between 10 teams: 3 in the Cubs Division (K-3rd), 3 in the Little Bears (4-5th), and 4 Middle School/ High School Teams (6-9th). These teams celebrated the kick off of Spring with a series of round robin games against their peers. Beginners were welcomed to this event, as a learning opportunity and a chance to play!

Thank you to all of the parents who made this scrimmage day possible and to our incredible coaching staff for bringing the magic every time they step on the field together. Congrats to all of the athletes who participated.

Coach Colleen, Boulder Little Bears Coach and Site Coordinator, is all smiles while working with her team: Boulder Grizzly Bears!

Cubs come together for a team cheer after their games with Coach Caroline, Coach Erin and Coach Paula!

76 athletes, 10 coaches, and 6 volunteers helped make this Battle of the Bears Playday, our best yet!


Cubs Division: K-3rd

Boulder Cubs | Coach Paula

  • Claudia G.
  • Maple S.
  • Evelyn K.
  • Dylan P.
  • Maia P.
  • Georgina G.

Denver Teddy Bears | Coach Caroline

  • Clementine “Bo”
  • Ryan T.
  • Hunter W.
  • Harper G.
  • Dolores L.

Boulder Black Bears | Coach Erin

  • Clara R.
  • Hadley P.
  • Evelyn R.
  • Temper L.
  • Vanna J.
  • Clara P.

Little Bears Division: 4-5th

Boulder Brown Bears | Coach Emma

  • Jane B.
  • Lillian K.
  • Margot L.
  • Wynne B.
  • Sloane G.
  • Maya T.
  • Sofia P.
  • Madeline M.

Denver Blue Bears | Coach Carla

  • Pace E.
  • Clara C.
  • Ruby F.
  • Kensington F.
  • Lucy M.
  • Peyton T.
  • Morgan W.
  • Chloe Z.
  • Liv F.

Boulder Grizzly Bears | Coach Colleen

  • Audrey D.
  • Teagan K.
  • Aislynn K.
  • Jordyn D.
  • Alexa P.
  • Sophie L.
  • Emelia M.
  • Issie S.

Little Bears GK’s: Beckham S. & Fiona B

Middle School/ High School Division: 6-9th

Boulder Giant Pandas | Coach Maria

  • Olivia S.
  • Abigail S.
  • Jasmine H.
  • Calla M.
  • Kylie D.
  • Bryce S.
  • Sarah S.
  • Lyla Q.

Boulder Kodiak Bears | Coach Scott

  • Tracey R.
  • Teagan B.
  • Ada K.
  • Kylie D.
  • Sammie H.
  • Petra S.
  • Nadia W.
  • Madeline S.
  • Been R.

Denver Build-A-Bears | Coach Beth

  • Jacqueline F.
  • Marybeth G.
  • Abby L.
  • Molly M.
  • Margot H.
  • Mikayla L.
  • Elisabeth M.
  • Maya W.
  • Brianna U.

Denver Polar Bears | Coach Callie

  • Cayla B.
  • Sadie B.
  • Chloe G.
  • Vivian H.
  • Kathryn R.
  • Hayley T.
  • Emmaline S.
  • Cory M.
  • Gwen Z.

MS/ HS GK’s: Aberlee S. & Ada J.

Middle School player, Marybeth showing us her game face during the Battle of the Bears playday!

Cubs players battling it out on the field! They may be “little” but they are MIGHTY!

Don’t underestimate… Coach Paula is here to WIN!

What’s next?

We are excited for our next PLAYDAY. If you signed up for one of our Spring Seasons, you are already registered for this event.


  • Sunday, June 4th
  • East Boulder Community Center | 5660 Sioux Dr, Boulder, CO 80303
  • Times will be announced. Please expect our younger players (K-5th) to play in the morning and older players (6-9th) to play in the afternoon.


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